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Gina Lazenby - Healthy House Book

In her earlier book, Feng Shui House Book, Gina Lazenby established herself as one of the finest feng shui writers. I continually recommend Feng Shui House Book. In The Healthy House Book, Lazenby writes on all aspects of healthy dwellings. EMF's, VOC's, household chemicals (including water fluoridation,) quality of lighting, geopathic stress, and clutter. There are even several pages of excellent do's and don'ts for a healthy diet, without advocating any single kind of diet.

Feng shui advice is found throughout the book. It is a very appropriate book to read when moving or beginning a new life in any way. It would be a fine gift. It's also a book to read even if you're not starting a new life. Lazenby is thorough! Even if you think your home is perfect as is --- read this book for ideas to take interior excellence to new levels, for example her information on FIR (Far Infrared waves) and their relation to our choice of wall color. Also the photographs of smudging with a sage bundle are very appreciated. So many people have no idea how to use a sage bundle.

Her section on color is worth writing home about. She really covers the nuances of different shades of colors. These are some of the wisest words on color that I've seen in any interior or feng shui book. In her discussion on yellow, she says, "Yellow makes people feel good." So true. Of purple she says, "a very supportive color in the bedroom of a divorced person." We certainly don't get that nugget of information in most feng shui books.

In the third section (Healthy Rooms), Lazenby proves once again that she is a number-one author when it comes to photograph explanation. She shows a photograph of an interesting, stylish room, then picks it apart so that you know the important elements that the photograph is illustrating. This is a great way to learn feng shui and healthy environments. Although I have listed this book under entrance-based bagua, she never mentions the bagua and the book is applicable to any school of feng shui.

One small error is on page 133. She refers to a picture of a plant by a fireplace as a snake plant. It's not a snake plant.

Lyons Press, New York, (212) 620-9580, 2000, 1-58574-111-6, 160 pages, color photographs, hardback, $35.00

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