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Robin Lennon - Home Design from the Inside Out: Feng Shui, Color Therapy, and Self-Awareness

Hats off to the author for writing this book. It's a much-needed blend of East and West. What "new age" should truly be about. Much of the book is comprised of quizzes, exercises, and meditations, to help one get to know oneself, and to increase awareness of one's environment.

Sections that seemed especially delightful were "Color Police" and "Reclaiming your Space." Here she emphasizes the importance of conscious awareness of exactly what is in our lives and why. On page 64, she makes a great point that I don't hear every day: When adding on to one's house, it's better to add depth than to add width - depth creating resonance, and width causing disharmony.

Penguin Books, New York, 1997, 0-14-019539-4, 271 pages, eight pages of color pictures and a few drawings, paperback $14.95

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