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Sarah Rossbach - Interior Design With Feng Shui

As far as I'm concerned, Sarah Rossbach is a true feng shui pioneer. Back in 1987 when this classic was first published, there were almost no other Caucasian Westerners writing on feng shui. The new and expanded edition (2000) is a wonderful millennium gift to all feng shui readers. This book is forever a four-star book! Every page is top-quality writing and the wonderful black-and-white illustrations and photos perfectly explain feng shui principles for the interior. And actually, the exterior information is quite extensive.

This book delivers everything you need to know about feng shui, and more. The appendices are extensive and excellent. Appendix three has an abundance of information ranging from Chinese astrology to an illustration of how to apply the bagua to the palm of your hand. Rossbach's book is groundbreaking again in the year 2000.

Rossbach wrote Living Color, and the chapter on color in Interior Design With Feng Shui is top-notch. She explains that the best colors for a cash register (for a business) "are red, green, or a wheat color." She then provides a list of about fifty types of businesses including computer companies "green and blue" and software companies "white, beige/yellow, or blue/gray." For doctors' offices she recommends "green, blue, purple, pink, or white" and for artists' studios "all black, all white, bright-colored, or multi-colored."

The great master Lin Yun wrote the foreword where he says, "I have designated Sarah Rossbach…to be the first ever to write a volume totally devoted to Black Hat sect feng shui. She has directly received all information from me, and I feel she has grasped and explained my theories, teachings, and practices with lucidity." It's a great book, folks.

Penguin Books, New York City, www.penguinputnam.com, (800) 526-0275, 0-14-019608-0, 186 page, black and white photos and drawings, paperback, $15.95

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