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Carole J. Hyder - Living Feng Shui: Personal Stories

A new book by Carole Hyder is always cause for rejoicing. Her books are refreshingly unique. Her earlier book, Wind and Water, reads like meditations or affirmations on feng shui. Her newest book, Living Feng Shui, is a true page-turner. It is one of the most readable and exciting feng shui books I've ever read --- as readable as a novel. The lessons are absorbed by osmosis.

The twenty client stories are delightful. They are real and touching, and will inspire and motivate you. I know of no other book that gives such insight into the mind of a feng shui consultant. It is a must-read for anyone interested in becoming a feng shui consultant.

Each story has a before and after aspect, usually with before and after floor plans. This shows the dramatic transformative power of feng shui and makes it one of the most usable feng shui books on the market.

Living Feng Shui is a treasure. It's the same size as her earlier book, but with a lovely red cover. Carole Hyder is one of feng shui's great writers, practical and down-to-earth. I hope this book inspires a whole new genre of feng shui books.

The Crossing Press, Santa Cruz, CA, www.crossingpress.com, (800) 777-1048, 2001, 287 pages, black and white drawings, paperback

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