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Steven Post - Modern Book of Feng Shui

A long awaited book by the first American teacher of feng shui. It is a very fine introductory book - well written and covers a lot. The only problems I found were very minor. The abundance of uncaptioned pictures leaves one to occasionally wonder "Why?" Are they illustrating good or bad feng shui? What are we supposed to be noticing in the picture?

On page 42 is a strange case. Illustration B is labeled as being different from A and D. I can't find the difference. No one I know can find the difference. More explanation would be really helpful.

On page 86 there are several sentence in a row that are repeated verbatim on the facing page. It leads one to wonder whether the book had an editor.

On page 66 he suggests that a convex mirror can turn an image upside down. It is actually a concave mirror that flips an image.

His section on the benefits of mirrors is quite thorough.If you're looking for an excuse to keep mirrors in the bedroom, read page 68 and breath easy.

All in all, it contains an abundance of information, with a bit more emphasis on rituals (red envelopes, mantras...) than some other feng shui books.

Dell Publishing, New York, 800-233-5780, 1998, 0-440-50768-5, 241 pages, drawings and black-and-white photos, paperback, $15.95.

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