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Karen Ruach Carter - Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

This book conveys seriously life-changing information in a lighthearted way. You will not bog down in this book! Almost every paragraph ends in a humorous sentence which keeps you dancing on to the next paragraph. Her jovial tone keeps you happily turning pages all the way to the end. Along the way you learn. The information is solid and profound and applicable to anyone's lifestyle or décor. If you need to put a particular color in a certain area, but it's gonna clash she says to put it under a couch cushion, or behind a picture, or taped under a desk. Great - anyone can do that!

The book contains a hefty chapter for each area of the bagua. These nine chapters also gracefully slip in most of what you need to know about feng shui in general - poison arrows, elemental cycles, etc. What isn't covered there is dealt with in the two final chapters - frequently asked questions, and a final chapter about visualizations, affirmations, etc.

She has no problem with water in the Skills and Knowledge Area whereas other authors ( such as Gina Lazenby) warn against it, citing concern that because Earth is the element, the water will make mud. She also orients the bagua of the car differently than some other authors (such as Sarah Shurety.)

Here's a sample of her writing from page 166. "You've got to take a stand against storing stuff you simply don't use very often. The more clutter you have, the more brainpower you use subconsciously to keep track of it. Clear the clutter and you clear your mind." Very well said! The author is refreshingly forthright and so are the drawings. They get the point across much more accurately than the drawings in most books.

Simon & Schuster, New York, www.SimonSays.com, (800) 223-2348, 0-684-96604-8, 233 pages, drawings, paperback, $13.00

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