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Pearson David - Natural House Catalog

David Pearson is the author of the Natural House Book, which has been a classic for a decade. This book is not definitive by any means. The section on feng shui is microscopic and refers you to a resource section with two East Coast practitioners, and that's it --- pretty limited even for something published in 1996.

It is a very valuable resource, however. There's a great section on natural and low-toxic paints. He makes reference to a toilet sink which fits over a toilet tank and allows a person to wash their hands in the water that will become the flush water. It?s a very ecological device, and I've recommended it frequently for houses with a toilet in a completely separate room (water closet.) Most folks have never heard of it, and he shows no pictures and gives no references --- sigh.

If you're building or remodeling, I definitely recommend taking a look at this book. It has its limitations, but it is the most complete resource of its kind that I've seen.

Simon & Schuster, New York, 1996, 0-684-80198-1, 287 pages, color and black-and-white photos, paperback, $23.00

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