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Elvin McDonald - New Houseplant: Bringing the Garden Indoors

This book got my attention immediately because the large section (122 pages) that lists plants and their descriptions is arranged by the botanical family name. The more one knows about plants, the better gardener one is. Elvin McDonald is a venerable writer and gardener who has been writing houseplant books for decades. I don't think he could write a bad book if he had to. His love and knowledge of plants glows on these pages. He truly wants the reader to be a successful grower of houseplants. Excellent book for beginner or experienced grower. The basics are well-covered, as well as interesting topics such as minatures, edibles, and trained plants.

Macmillan, New York, 1995, 0-02-583126-7, 270 pages, color photos, hardback, $40.00

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