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Dorothy Lemkuhl & Dolores Lamping - Organizing for the Creative Person

Just because a person is creative doesn't mean that they are organized. In fact, some people consider their messiness to be a sign of their creativity. Well, wake up and read this book! It is specifically aimed at the right-brain dominant person.

The writing is so right-on (feng shui-wise) that I sometimes had to stop and look at the cover to remind myself that I wasn't reading a feng shui book. "How you spend your time is how you spend your life." is simple, profound and true.

Often, when doing a feng shui consultation I feel the need to comment on some clutter, and the client responds by saying, "That's just there to remind me to do it." The authors comment specifically about this on page 53. "By leaving them out in front of you in the meantime, you're only adding to the confusion of your work space and unintentionally adding to your stress by having constant reminders out in front of you, even though they refer to tasks that don't have to be done now."

All in all, this is a superior organizing book, and I highly recommend it. The authors even explain which kinds of plastic are safe for photo albums, and what material (PVC) will leach all the color out of your pictures. Quite a thorough book.

Crown, New York, 1993, 0-517-88164-0, 216 pages, drawings, paperback, $14.00

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