Elements of a consultation * Arrange a consultation * Words of appreciation * Bagua Map

What a consultation consists of:

· Checking to see how chi energy finds you in the first place – meaning what surrounds your home.

· Seeing how chi energy flows within your home. Does it zoom straight out? Does it circulate nicely? Does it stagnate?

· Checking to see that you are empowered in several important positions --- the bed, the desk, the stove, as well as your favorite lounge chair or any other place you spend a lot of time.

· Laying down the bagua, based on the entrance. The bagua is a grid of nine spaces that lies over the floor plan. It is how you locate areas such as your Wealth Corner or your Relationship Area. Life areas that are of special concern to you are given special emphasis.

· Checking for an elemental balance as well as a yin/yang balance.

· Optional checking of electromagnetic fields and microwaves.

An average consultation takes around two hours. The factors which affect the length of a consultation are: how big your place is, how much stuff you have, and whether or not my initial suggestions are immediately acceptable to you. Your job in the consultation is to say when any of my suggestions are not quickly feasible or suitable to your style. At that point, I'll pull more rabbits out of the hat (more suggestions.)

I try to be sensitive to your décor by having a ready supply of alternative suggestions in case some seem clashing to your home's style. I work flexible hours - including weekends. I love my work and my clients love my work. I talk their language and I'm not judgemental. A large percent of my jobs come from referrals.