Feng Shui by Clear Englebert

Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective

Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective

Book AuthorElkins, Valmai
Star Rating★★★✩✩

Elkins is obviously a psychic and goes about her work quite differently than most feng shui consultants. She just arrives and without talking to the client starts looking around until she finds something that she considers to be the key problem. There’s a lot to be learned from this approach, though it’s not one that I would ever use since I’m not psychic.

This book is a bit wordy for my taste. It’s 20 pages to get through the introduction, then 6 pages of instruction, the 130 pages of stories. The stories are quite readable and have much good information and they probably won’t seem wordy to everyone. Elkins has written novels and the book seemed weighty with meaningless details. I know lots more about her life than I ever needed to know.

I like what she says toward the end, “Clutter is the first obstacle to smooth-flowing Chi.”

Woodley & Watts, Montreal, Canada, 1999, 0-9698972-6-X, 158 pages, paperback, $18.00