101 Feng Shui Tips for the Home
Published: 1999

This is probably my favorite Richard Webster book (he’s written quite a few.) It’s easy to understand and the tips are (for the most part) well-considered. Some of the tips seem like they’re just thrown in, such as this one about living rooms: “The living room should feel comfortable and welcoming. This is helped if you have comfortable chairs and sofas, sufficient light and pleasant pictures or ornaments at which to look at.” I don’t think anybody needs a book to tell them that! Much more helpful is his tip #87: “Do not hang a mirror opposite any door. This effectively stops the ch’i from entering the next room, and encourages negative ch’i to build up.”

Llewellyn Publications,St. Paul, MN, (800) THE-MOON, www.llewellyn.com, 1999, 1-56718-809-5, 166 pages, drawings, paperback, $9.95