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About Feng Shui Author & Consultant

Clear Englebert

Clear Englebert is in his third decade as a feng shui consultant for the owners and tenants of thousands of homes, businesses, offices and public buildings, with a client roster across Hawaii and the continental United States.

Clear is the author of seven books in five languages
Feng Shui Demystified by Clear Englebert (ISBN 9781440198045)
Author Clear Englebert seated at a table with a stack of his book "Feng Shui for Real Estate" in front of him and bookshelves behind
Astrological birth chart for Clear Englebert
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About his feng shui practice, Clear says, “I couldn’t practice feng shui if I didn’t believe in it, and I wouldn’t believe in it if I hadn’t seen it work.”

As a teenager Clear was manager of the paperback department for Bookland of Huntsville, Alabama, at their largest store. In 1971, at age 19, he opened his first bookstore in Huntsville, Alabama, A Good Book Store. In 1978, he founded Books as Seeds, and in 1989, Opening Books (a 501c3 library and gift shop.) He managed at Green Apple Books, San Francisco’s largest independent bookstore, and at Pearly Gates Natural Foods in Huntsville, and at Ohana O Ka Aina in Kainaliu, Hawaii.

With decades of experience in retail visual merchandizing, he began a career as a residential interior consultant in Hawaii in 1994. His feng shui practice began there in 1995, and blossomed when he moved to San Francisco in 1996. In February 1999, his feng shui practice was featured on KPIX Channel 5’s Evening Magazine and in April 2000 on Mandarin KPST Channel 66’s Evening News. He was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle business section, Sunday 12/10/2000, and in the culture section of the Okinawan Times (Japan) 04/21/2001. He returned to Hawaii in February, 2002. He has since been featured in the Pacific Business News, August 16, 2002, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, February 7, 2003 and March 8, 2010, the Hawaii Tribune Herald, February 19, 2003, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, August 16, 2010, and the Big Island Weekly, May 25, 2011.

He’s a natural at feng shui; as a Libra-Hare he’s astrologically gifted for this work. To his work he brings systems and design skills in organizing, maintenance, and horticulture. He works residential, retail, office, and landscape. Clear’s affordable rates have helped him become the most experienced feng shui consultant in Hawaii.

In his practice, Clear views feng shui as an interpretative language of visual symbols, avoiding superstition and consumerism. Consequently, his suggestions offer practical advice and focus on concentrating a buyer or seller’s intentions, rather than relying on “lucky” objects or astrology.

His first book, Feng Shui Demystified, was published in 2000 by The Crossing Press, and reissued in 2010. Bedroom Feng Shui, appeared in 2001, and was reissued in 2011. The new editions of both books are substantially revised, with many more illustrations, and available from Amazon or through your local bookstore.

In 2008, Feng Shui for Hawaii was published by Watermark Publishing in Honolulu, followed in 2012 by Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardens.

Feng Shui for Retail Stores was published in 2013. Feng Shui for Love & Money, was published by Watermark in 2015. His latest book, also released by Watermark, is Feng Shui for Real Estate.


What Is Feng Shui and How Can It Help You?

Water—”Feng” (pronounced “fung”) is the Chinese word for wind and “Shui” (pronounced “shway”) means water. The moving wind is a form of energy, or “chi.” Water is a source of life and symbolizes abundance. Feng shui instructs us how to maximize the flow of prosperity, harmony, and health. Its roots go back six thousand years, but the general principles can be applied to modern situations.

Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement—where a building is placed within the landscape and how objects are placed within the building. According to feng shui principles, everything in and around the house creates or directs the flow of energy (chi)—from the slippers outside the door to the position of the beds, each item should be chosen and placed with care. 

Feng shui is a way of manipulating energy by the conscious placement of objects in our environment. The objects we control send out messages about how we would like our lives to work. Those messages are going out whether we intend them or not. Feng shui gives us a way to send the messages we want to send.

No, feng shui is not a religion. Clear considers feng shui “an art, like decorating…it may not be classified as a science in the modern sense, but it teaches us to consciously notice where our attention is being drawn and what symbols are around us. This is a cross-cultural belief.”

Clear follows the Form School, which he feels is best adapted for the West. Form School, sometimes called Landform, is the oldest kind of feng shui. It is distinct from Compass School feng shui, which uses astrology and numerology.

Not at all! While feng shui can help bring good fortune to you, it’s not about “luck.” Feng shui is about directing the flow of energy around you through the use of the objects around you. Energy is attention; when we pay attention and curate our space with intent, we can draw positive attention (energy) to us or reduce or eliminate negative energy, whether that is in the area of love, money, career, or any other aspect of your life. 

No. While mirrors and tassels may have applicable uses in feng shui remedies suggested by Clear, he specializes in offering multiple methods of improving the home’s energy in instances where aesthetics may be of primary concern to the homeowner, or for renters who may not have the freedom to paint or affix items to the walls or ceilings. Clear does not believe in using items that you do not understand or feel at home with.

Absolutely! Two kinds of solutions exist for feng shui problems: real ones and symbolic ones. Real solutions physically fix the problem and change the situation. When real solutions are impractical, symbolic solutions, ones that simply symbolize a change, can be very effective when properly implemented.

Feng shui is a language of symbols, and over the years of practice, I have devised many creative solutions that do not require breaking down walls or making other large-scale physical changes to the space. Instead, I recommend using objects placed strategically to effect change.

The Feng Shui Bagua

The bagua (or pakua) is a grid of nine spaces that lies over the floor plan of a house. You can also apply the bagua to the map of your property. In each case it is oriented by the entrance. The bagua grid divides your property into certain areas that represent aspects of life.

Fortunate Blessings / Wealth
(Back Left Corner)

  • Element: Wood
  • Color: Rich shades of purple, blue, green, and red
  • Shape: Vertical, rectangular, or square
  • Enhancements: Expensive items; living or artificial plants; fountain or picture of water; no open trash can

Fame & Reputation
(Back Center)

  • Element: Fire
  • Color: Red and purple
  • Shape: Angular, triangular, pointed, conical
  • Enhancements: Items related to fame—awards, diplomas; items representing animals or made from animals

(Back Right Corner)

  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Pink, white, red, yellow, warm brown
  • Shape: Horizontal, rectangular, square, or octagonal
  • Enhancements: Pairs and groupings of objects; no outstanding singular objects; preferably no TV

Health & Family

  • Element: Wood
  • Color: Green and blue
  • Shape: Vertical, rectangular, or square
  • Enhancements: Good place for plants/plant images, wooden furniture, and tall objects; pictures of ancestors


  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Yellow, orange, brown, and earth tones
  • Shape: Horizontal, rectangular, square, or octagonal
  • Enhancements: No bathroom, ever! A good place for pottery or rugs. Try to keep this area open and traversable.

Creativity & Children

  • Element: Metal
  • Color: White and pastels
  • Shape: Circular, oval or arched
  • Enhancements: Items relating to children, and/or creativity; items made of metal including metallic paint or fabric

(Front Left Corner)

  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Brown, dark green, and dark blue
  • Shape: Horizontal, rectangular, square or octagonal
  • Enhancements:Items relating to children, and/or creativity; items made of metal including metallic paint or fabric

Life’s Path
(Front Center)

  • Element: Water
  • Color: Black and blue, especially dark blue
  • Shape: Free-form, amorphous
  • Enhancements: Perfect place for a fountain, fish tank, or a picture of flowing water; maps and globes

Helpful People & Travel
(Front Right Corner)

  • Element: Metal
  • Color: Black, white, or gray
  • Shape: Circular, oval, or arched
  • Enhancements: Images of teachers or mentors—also a good place for affirmations

Are you ready to put feng shui to work for you?

To book a consultation with Clear, send an email to clear@fungshway.com