Feng Shui by Clear Englebert


Clear is the author of seven books in five languages
Feng Shui Demystified by Clear Englebert (ISBN 9781440198045)
Bedroom Feng Shui by Clear Englebert (ISBN 9781462051557)
Cover of Feng Shui for Hawaii by Clear Englebert (ISBN 9780979676994)
Cover of Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardens by Clear Englebert (ISBN 978195690153)
Feng Shui for Retail Stores by Clear Englebert (ISBN 9781475985801)
Cover of Feng Shui for Love & Money by Clear Englebert (ISBN 9781935690719)
Cover of Feng Shui for Real Estate by Clear Englebert (ISBN 9781948011600)
Photograph of feng shui consultant and author Clear Englbert
Clear Englebert is a feng shui author who consults in Hawaii and worldwide.

I believe in the transformative power of feng shui.

I’ve seen it happen so many times. Your home can be working for you or against you.

Feng shui’s premise is this:

The spaces and objects around us have symbolic meanings.
With feng shui we interpret those symbols and manipulate the objects to achieve our goals.

Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement—where a building is placed within the landscape and how objects are placed within the building.

Feng shui instructs us how to maximize the flow of prosperity, harmony, and health. Its roots go back six thousand years, but the general principles can be applied to modern situations.

Feng shui uses a language of symbols to help you reach your goals quickly without spinning your wheels.

It shows how to remove symbolic obstacles from your environment. Fewer symbolic obstacles translate to fewer real obstacles in your life. If you don’t believe me, just try it. 

Feng shui is not difficult, because it mostly aligns with common sense.

I continue to hear from my clients: “Everything you’ve said makes sense to me.”

How Can I Help You?


Personal Solutions

Is chi energy reaching you? How does it flow in your home or office? I tailor my solutions to your personal space.


Learn On Your Own

Detailed advice on how to deploy feng shui principles to best benefit your life. I have authored books on several subjects.

Seminars & Events

In Person and Online

I periodically offer in-person seminars and other events at locations throughout Hawaii, as well as online webinars.

Webinars and Videos

Full-length webinars and walk-through videos on feng shui principles

Are you ready to put feng shui to work for you?

To book a consultation with Clear, send an email to clear@fungshway.com

Feng Shui for You

A red brick home with a green front door and white trim

Your home can influence what happens in your life.

Ideally, a home should support everyday life, making it easy to be organized and comfortable. Whether you rent or own, or are looking to move, buy or sell a home, feng shui can bring positive change in your life.
Office lobby area with couch and elevator door

A basic purpose of feng shui is to attract energy to aid in achieving goals.

The same principles that can help effect change in your personal life can be put to work to improve business transactions and relationships. Feng shui solutions can be discreet and blend with your office decor, whether it be a home office or corporate building. Your use of feng shui can be your secret.
Interior of retail bookstore with racks and shelves of books

Bringing in business is about attracting the right energy.

Chi in feng shui is energy of any kind. Customers are a form of chi energy coming into your store, giving you money, and leaving with a smile. Money is also a form of chi energy—one that feeds your store and keeps it going by paying bills. Feng shui principles to manipulate and attract chi can be effectively deployed in retail spaces of all sizes.

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