Feng Shui by Clear Englebert



Solutions tailor-made for you and your personal space.

Elements of a Consultation

How Long Does a Consultation Take?

An average consultation takes around two hours. The factors which affect the length of a consultation are: how big your place is, how much stuff you have, and whether or not my initial suggestions are immediately acceptable to you. Your job in the consultation is to say when any of my suggestions are not quickly feasible or suitable to your style. At that point, I’ll pull more rabbits out of the hat (make more suggestions.)

How Will This Change My Decor?

I try to be sensitive to your decor by having a ready supply of alternative suggestions in case some seem clashing to your home’s style. 

Rates & Policies

My consultation rate is $300 per hour, pro-rated at $5 per minute. On-site, remote (virtual) and corporate rates are all the same. There is no travel fee for on-site consultation in North or South Kona; please consult my travel rates for fees and minimums for consultations outside the Kona area. Travel fees are in addition to the base consultation fee.

If documentation is required, the fee is $500 per hour.

I am based in Kona, Hawaii Island. On-site consultations outside North or South Kona are subject to travel fees and minimums. Hawaii Island (flat rate by area):
  • Kau: $80
  • South Kohala: $180
  • North Kohala: $200
  • Hilo: $300
  • Hamakua: $300
  • Puna: $300
  • Other Islands (Oahu, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai) or Continental US: If I am already scheduled for a class or other event on your island, there is no travel fee, however, I ask that you provide the transportation between your consultation site and my accommodations/event site. There is a one-hour minimum for consultations when I will already be on-island. If you would like an on-site consultation at a time when I'm not already scheduled to be on your island, there is a 5-hour minimum. I ask that you cover the cost of the flights and provide on-island transportation. If I can schedule more than one consultation on the same day, the transportation cost is split between the clients, and the minimum per client is to two hours.
    I offer remote consultations via telephone or video conference (Zoom, Skype, etc.). The rate is the same as an in-person consultation. I bill for the time that we talk together as well as the time it takes me to make notes for discussion. The following are required for a virtual consultation session:
  • Floor plan of your site (send via email or snail mail). There are four specific things I must see: doors; windows; location of major appliances & fixtures; location of major furniture: couches, beds, desks, etc.
  • Photo/video tour of your site. Please contact me before sending photos. I will ask for still photos, not videos. I ask that you do NOT email videos; you may snail mail a DVD or send me a link to a video on YouTube or Vimeo – I do not click links to other sites.
  • I offer a generous deal: if you buy my four books released by Watermark Publishing, you get the first two hours of you consultation at half price, which is $150 per hour. The total cost of the four books is $72, and I'm deducting $300 from your bill – it's a very good deal, but also very specific. This deal only applies to my four books that are published by Watermark Publishing: Feng Shui for Hawaii, Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardens, Feng Shui for Love and Money and Feng Shui for Real Estate; one copy of each book, and they must be purchased new, not from a used-book dealer. This offer applies only to real, physical books with paper pages, not e-books.

    The purchase must be made within 30 days prior to the consultation. The books must be there when the consultation happens, as well as their receipt, which I collect. If you have already bought the books more than 30 days before the consultation, then buy them again and give them as gifts. They are gifts you will be proud to give – well written, lots of color photos in the two Hawaii books, and excellent production and design.

    If you live in Hawaii, the books must be bought from a local bricks-and-mortar bookstore – no other way. Helping local stores is a part of this deal. The books must be purchased from a physical bookstore. The deal does not apply to books bought at events such as library talks, workshops, etc. The books must be there when the consultation happens, as well as their receipt, which I collect.

    Outside of Hawaii, the books may be purchased directly from the publisher, Watermark Publishing, or through any other source of new books, such as Amazon. The books must be with you when the consultation happens, as well as their receipt, which I will ask for.

    Are you ready to put feng shui to work for you?

    To book a consultation with Clear, send an email to clear@fungshway.com

    Case Studies

    I love my work and my clients love my work.

    I talk their language and I’m not judgmental. Most of my jobs come from referrals.

    CLIENT: J.N.

    BEFORE (from an email the client sent before the consultation):

    I have to preface our meeting by saying [that] all the furniture belongs to the previous owner. The furniture is old and mismatched. The space completely drains me as the items are nothing I would ever choose. I feel helpless, overwhelmed and overtaken. Look forward to your recommendations so I can start replacing everything with the correct items for the space.


    Clear, I am overtaken by love, gratitude and emotion. I can not contain myself. I am a new person, I am free and in love with life, everything and everyone. And I’ve done only a handful of what you recommended so far. The glass table and couch were covered with the only extra sheets I have. It’s silly and mismatched but at least it’s me. I have a friend coming over now and I feel no shame whatsoever because at least it’s me. I learned a tremendous amount from a single session, so much that I will keep learning from it for months to come. 

    CLIENT: S.

    At this client’s home I noticed a fake million-dollar bill in the Wealth Corner. I suggested that she move it, and put a real hundred-dollar bill, instead. She didn’t want it to be visible, so we tucked it behind a picture of a waterfall.

    I put that $100 bill behind my waterfall picture in the wealth corner. Last night I got an e-mail asking me to do five massages two hours each. I went to their beach house for the first one and then talked them into coming to me for the rest. He paid me $175 for each one. I got three more to do. Think the $$ in the money corner may have started to work! Your knowledge and your being have such an incredible uplifting spirit.

    CLIENT: M.P. (Marin County, Calif.)

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful suggestions with my new apartment. Already, changes are being implemented and one of the first was the fireplace located in the fortunate blessing area of the bagua. It looks like a jungle over there and my palms are itching and opportunities are coming in. For the master bathroom in my helpful friends and travel area, I changed the towels and rug to white and found a shower curtain that is fairly simple (mostly white with some black and grey). It has round sequins sewn into the black area. I love the space. Interestingly, friends I have not heard from in a long time are in touch and offers of support from others to help with my business idea are simply flowing in. I am quite astonished at this energy!

    CLIENT: M. (Oahu, Hawaii)

    I could not stand that garage another minute and when my carpenter was done and the sawdust was needing cleaning up, I just went for it and really cleaned that garage. It took the entire day. Yes, the car is still there, but there is a big improvement in what is really my main entry to the house. Two pickup-truck loads were hauled off to the dump. Well, in less than 24 hours after the purging of junk and dirt, in my mail box shows up two checks from Vanguard stating that they have found an error in overfunding of our 401(k) accounts and have to, by law, refund the excess to us. Clear, these two checks totaled nearly $16,000.00!!!!! Can you believe it? It is just what I needed to pay off the student loan I had to take out to fund the boys college last year. I knew there was a serious money leak and problem with the children not doing well at school, and it was, as I suspected, related to the garage.

    CLIENT: Dana (Southern Calif.)

    This client had a bathroom in the center of her home, one of the very worst feng shui problems.

    It’s been about two or three weeks since the remedy went up. Well, since then, things started getting more magical. A few days ago I crossed over into a fearless, confident zest for life. I am now the HAPPIEST I have ever been in my life, and I know I am not going back. This power is here to stay. My marriage is better than ever. Before we put up the remedy, we already were connected better than ever, due to events over the summer that brought us closer. But since the remedy went up, our love has deepened more than I ever thought it could. We are constantly telling each other how much we love each other, flirting (we rarely did that) and hugging, kissing etc. all the time. And our children are happier and more well-adjusted. I could go on for several more pages just describing the last few days. I’m so grateful to have met you. You are amazing at what you do.