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Feng Shui & Fake Books

I just came across an article about fake books ( https://www.nytimes.com/2023/04/28/realestate/fake-books-decor.html?smid=em-share ) and there are two quotes that summarize the yin & yang of decorating with fake things. “I will...... Read More

Feng Shui & Prayer Flags

A prayer flag can be a traditional Tibetan prayer flag or modern equivalent images (preferably on natural fabric like cotton) that are spiritually affirmative to you. The ones that are...... Read More

Feng Shui & Dim Lighting

Dim lighting is yin, except when it’s moving—then it becomes yang. Spinner lamps (or motion lamps) are a great way of using dim moving light to energize a stagnant area.... Read More

Feng Shui & New Rugs That Look Old

I’ve been going to more and more of my clients’ homes and seeing rugs that are obviously new but are designed to look old and faded. Furniture and furnishings that are new but has a “distressed” look has very bad... Read More

Feng Shui & Drapes (and Rugs & Spreads)

Most windows look their best with drapes—and they feel their best when the drapes are 100% natural fiber. The feng shui message of synthetic fibers is “fake” and that’s very...... Read More