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Feng Shui & the Food Garden: Collards

Collards are an ideal choice for food growing in the front yard, or anyplace else with good sunlight. They look abundant with huge, lush leaves, and abundance in the front...... Read More

Feng Shui & the Food Garden: Red Peppers

Red peppers are the most appropriate vegetable I can think of for planting in your front yard. The Red Bird is the symbolic animal for the front yard, and certain...... Read More

Feng Shui & Food Gardens: Okra

“Food gardens symbolize abundance because they truly are a literal source of abundance. Food gardens provide exercise and better nourishment and help sustain the planet. They are auspicious anywhere, and...... Read More

Feng Shui & Fungus, Part 2

In the naming of life forms, common names are yang, and scientific names are yin. That’s without exception. One of the things that makes common names yang is that they...... Read More

Feng Shui & Fungus (Part 1)

Yin and yang don’t exist separately. They only exist in continuum—as part of a larger context—always as part of a larger concept. In the context of trees in general, a...... Read More