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Feng Shui & Dragon Imagery: Part Two, Exteriors

Feng Shui & Dragon Imagery: Part Two, Exteriors

I’m proud of this little arrangement. I propped up the dragon so it would be a little higher than the tiger, which it should be.

As I mentioned in the previous post, dragons are the most protective of mythical beings in feng shui, and there are appropriate places to put imagery featuring dragons.

For outside your home, imagine yourself seated in a comfortable armchair—then imagine that you are your house, seated in the landscape. The two most ancient protective beings in feng shui are the dragon and the tiger, and as you are sitting—the dragon is on your left side and the tiger is on your right side. Because these two archetypal energies were the only two at first (the turtle and red bird came later in the evolution of feng shui) they met around back of the house. They are on each of the two side sides of your house (meaning the sides that are not the front and back) and their faces look toward the road—so that they can watch out and protect you. Where they meet around back is where they are having sex (to put it bluntly). In the most ancient feng shui, that was the ideal spot to place a tomb or build a house. If you are sitting there looking out onto the world, the dragon is on your left and the tiger is on your right—again—as you are sitting there.

In the background scroll, the dragon is coming from the right, and the tiger is coming from the left.

That’s the best way to use dragon imagery outside your home—to the left of the front door, as you are standing in the open front door, looking out to the rest of the world. (Now, if you are a guest standing at your front door ready to ring the doorbell—the dragon would be on that person’s right—I hope you understand the difference there.) That’s really all there is to it when placing dragon images outside your home: Always have the head facing toward the road and put it beside the house on what’s known as “the dragon side.” That’s the side of the house to put items that represent dragons, and items that activate that side of the house. (Movement is what activates best, so a clothesline or parking space work well, since they both involve human movement, or activity.)

The dragon image can go anywhere along that side of your property, but if you place it toward the back of that property line, you’re in the “Relationship Area” of your lot. And that area is where two living beings should be represented, not just one—all alone! So if the dragon image is in the back third of that property line—have two dragons, not just one.

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