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Real Money vs. Fake Money in the Wealth Corner

Real Money vs. Fake Money in the Wealth Corner

I recently consulted for a lomilomi practioner—lomilomi being the Hawaiian art of massage. I had consulted for her several times in the past, and she just wanted a “fine tuning,” which is what I call a consultation where I’ve been there before. Once changes are made in a space, I’m able to see deeper into it and note things that I might have overlooked the first time around.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Real money in large denominations are a symbol of prosperity that belong in a Wealth Corner. (Image credit: Bureau of Engraving and Printing)

I had originally suggested that she put a picture of a waterfall in her Wealth Corner (far left corner, based on walking in the door). So there was the picture, but above it was a million dollar bill. I asked, “Why is this here?” She said that someone had given it to her and suggested that she put it in her Wealth Corner. I said, “Can you spend this?” She said, “Of course not.” And I replied, “Then it’s fake wealth—and I recommend that you get rid of it. In its place you could put a real $100 bill.” She said, “I wouldn’t want people to see it.” I said, “Tuck it behind the waterfall—that symbolism seems fabulous to me.”

She did so, and here’s the email she sent me within a week:

“I put that $100 bill behind my waterfall picture in the wealth corner. Last night I got an email asking me to do 5 massages, 2 hours each. I went to their beach house for the first one and then talked them into coming to me for the rest. He paid me $175 for each one. I got three more to do. Think the $$ in the Wealth Corner may have started to work!!”

I offer the above story as a follow-up to the advice I give in Feng Shui for Love & Money regarding actual money and representations of money:

Actual money kept in a Wealth Corner should be hundred-dollar bills or collectible currency worth at least that much. A piggy bank or big glass jug with coins inside is not appropriate in the Wealth Corner—it’s small change. The money doesn’t have be visible; it can be safely tucked away.

Things that look like money, but that you can’t really spend, are not recommended in the Wealth Corner. This includes objects with dollar signs as their design, as well as fake money, such as from board games or enlarged reproductions of paper money. Don’t store bills that you owe or have paid in the Wealth Corner. They represent money leaving you.

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