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Feng Shui & Book Collecting: Taped-Together Books

Taped-together books are those that are inexpertly repaired, using materials that are not designed for book repair: regular transparent tape, packing tape, blue masking tape, duct tape, that sort of thing. The reason a book gets taped together by a... Read More

Feng Shui & Book Collecting: Deaccessioning

The yin and yang of collecting is the accessioning and deaccessioning of items in the collection. Accessioning is yang because you are making the collection larger—just like when you breathe...... Read More

Libraries: Form & Function (Part One)

“The architects won.” That’s the phrase that librarians use when walking into their brand new, great big library and seeing the amount of wasted space that’s meant to be “awe...... Read More

Feng Shui & Clutter (Especially Book Clutter)

Marie Kondo is well known and deserves to be. Her books on decluttering are quite influential in many people’s lives. The author of this recent article in Fast Company has...... Read More

Feng Shui with Books and Home Libraries

I’m writing the rough draft of this post with a pencil and paper in our home library by the light coming in the window. The vibe in this room is...... Read More