Feng Shui by Clear Englebert

There is a particular kind of bookend that should never be placed in the Relationship Corner of the house or of a room. I’m referring to a pair of bookends which look like one complete object when placed together with no books between them. This brass pineapple bookend set separates so each end is half of a pineapple. That’s the kind not to put in your Relationship Corner, because it’s essentially singular — it’s one thing, chopped apart.

pineapplebookendtogether pineapplebookends

Because they are metal, I’d put them in the Creativity/Children Area or the Travel/Helpful People Area, where they would be excellent. Make sure you position pokey bookends like these pineapples in a place where the points don’t aim at people—which could easily be the case if they are placed on something low such as a coffee table or end table.

These vintage McCoy bookends are not only cute, they’re perfect for a Relationship Corner—and that’s where we keep them.When the pottery bookends are placed together with no books, it’s obvious that it’s the same thing twice—neither bookend is half of anything.

planterbookends planterbookendtogether

They make up a pair, and pairs are good in a Relationship Corner. Part of the cuteness of this set of bookends is not just the surprising color combination, it’s the silliness of the whole design—at least for me. The maroon part is meant to be a planter, or possibly even a vase—neither of which are good to have around books because they add humidity, and books need dry air. We keep clothespins in them because we have a clothesline nearby. Silk plants of the appropriate shade for the bagua location would also work nicely. Remember to keep them nice and clean.



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