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Home Office with Zoom-bed

While this guest room arrangement is far from ideal, I wouldn’t hesitate to sleep there (as is) for one night. If I were going to stay longer than one night I’d move the things off the shelves that are directly above the bed. Then I’d neatly put them back each morning so my hosts would never know that anything had gotten moved. Fortunately, this home office-guest room has a laptop, not a desktop computer, so that’s one less thing that needs adjusting. However, this room needs green to help balance the overabundance of gold tones. I’d like to credit Susan Levitt with the simple, easy suggestion of using green bedding on the bed. Photo by Zoom-Room Murphy Beds via Houzz

A guest room is quite handy, but if it is used infrequently, it can impart a stagnant energy to the home. Check the bagua for the entire home to see what aspect of your life corresponds to that room. The most problematic area for a guest room is the Fortunate Blessings (Wealth) corner. It gives the guests too much power in the household, it’s a problem if they don’t keep the room neat, and it can even be a problem when no one is visiting. The Fortunate Blessings area of the home should never feel stagnant. It should seem alive and vibrant.

Don’t try to apply the bagua to the individual space of a guest room. It’s not used by the same person enough for that application of the bagua to matter. Instead, see where the guest room is in the bagua of the whole home, and enhance it based on that larger bagua.

Any guest room benefits from enhancements that liven it up. Such things could include a faceted lead crystal, especially in a window that receives direct sunlight, a wind chime, especially near a window that is occasionally opened for fresh air, or a small decorative light that comes on for a few hours each evening. It is especially good if the light is visible to someone passing by the room. You can also use a fountain that runs all the time. It is fine for guests to turn the fountain off when they are staying there. The easiest way to do this is by installing an on/off switch that the fountain plugs into.

If possible, keep the guest room door open when no one is staying there. A closed-up room always says “stagnant.” A guest room is, of course, less stagnant if it is a multipurpose room—doubling as an office or a workroom. If the guest room also functions as an office, cover any monitor screens while guests are there. Laptops with their closeable screens are ideal.



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