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Feng Shui & McMansions

Feng Shui & McMansions

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I was recently skimming through The Long Emergency by James Kunstler and I see this term: “lawyer foyer.” I’d never heard of that, but I wondered if it might mean what I thought it meant—and sure enough, it does. It refers to a two-story foyer, often with a staircase, and sometimes with a double staircase. (I’ll say right here that double staircases are horrible feng shui—a person is given a meaningless choice. “Should I go up these stairs or those stairs?” They both go to the same place. The symbolism is that meaninglessness will play a part in your life.)

McMansions almost always have “lawyer foyers,” and McMansions, in general, usually have horrible feng shui. I’ve never been to a McMansion that didn’t have an interior bathroom—and that is the absolutely worst thing I know of in feng shui. (A “center bathroom” is any bathroom that doesn’t touch an outside wall, and they portend disease, divorce, bankruptcy and even death.)  McMansions are also famous for more square footage than the residents need—and that symbolizes emptiness, possibly an empty life—a life wasted. McMansions are rife with fake architectural details—things that meant to suggest something grand, but are actually less than grand.

Fake anything in a home to starts to say artificial relationships and wealth. The more fake things in a home, the more it says artificial relationships and wealth. Several years ago, I consulted for a couple with an impressive stone balustrade around their back patio. I thought it was stone, until I tapped it with my fingernail and was shocked to realize it was foam plastic.

I have a feeling that the proliferation of overly large homes with center bathrooms was a factor in the 2008 real-estate crash. When you get a bunch of people living in homes (built with fake objects) with center bathrooms, it does not bode well for the fate of the nation. You could not pay me to live in a McMansion!

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  1. Kim

    April 3, 2018 6:13 am Reply

    Alright then freak me out! I have a center bathroom (half bath, just toilet and sink) on the main floor. So I tied red yarn around the sink drain and filled the space with earth colors and decor to mitigate the water. Ceramics, nice smelling soaps, pictures of sunflowers, a few “up” items to represent fire. It seems to help as husband has had less of an issue with his knees and hips now. Anything else I might need to do or check on? Thanks!

  2. clearenglebert

    April 3, 2018 7:27 am Reply

    The most important thing is put a bagua mirror above the bathroom door, in the hall, not in the bathroom. Make sure you peel off the blue film from the mirror surface. A lot of stores that sell bagua mirrors don’t bother to tell people to do this, but if you don’t do it, the mirror won’t be nearly as effective. Also, I know of a craftswoman on Oahu who is making NICE bagua mirrors of fine wood. I don’t have her permission to post her contact info here, so anyone wanting to contact her should email me: clear@fungshway.com.

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