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Feng Shui & Politics (MY Politics)

Feng Shui & Politics (MY Politics)

This beautiful planet is home to a diversity of creatures. I believe firmly in doing my part to make it a better place. (Photo: The Blue Marble is a famous photograph of the Earth taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft)

The goals of the Republican party are at such odds with my morals that I would rather not work with their supporters. Their leader is vile and he is (figuratively speaking) naked, while the other Republicans are falling all over themselves saying how fabulous his new clothes are (once again speaking figuratively). The overriding passion of my life is my love for this magnificent planet and the diversity of life that it supports. It is currently being destroyed in the name of greed. The feng shui information that I share with people helps them accomplish their goals and I don’t want to further goals of discrimination against women, gays and people of color.

In the very first flier for my feng shui services which I posted at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco, I wrote “Feng shui for the millions, not just the millionaires”. When we moved to Hawaii in 2002, the first phone call I got for a consultation was from a local woman who was a single mother and her words to me were, “I just want to be able to keep my home.” My heart shattered and I slashed my rates which had evolved based on a more affluent Bay Area clientele. (A previous post deals with the evolution of my rates.)

Being born in 1951 and being from Alabama, I saw first-hand how ignorant white people used devious ways to keep black people from voting. And it’s still going on today! It’s hard to believe, but when gay marriage became the law of the land (and Steve and I could finally get married) Alabama discontinued having its county clerks do marriages for people. (If you want to get married, you sign something saying that in front of a notary public, then file it in probate court.) If that isn’t the height of stupidity, I don’t know what is! Well, maybe Texas is the height. They were recently forced (due to freedom of religion) to allow an inmate on death row to see a Buddhist priest. So the legislature voted that no inmates on death row can see any chaplains. Heaven help us!

I certainly don’t ask my clients about their politics so I figure, by boldly announcing my stance, the Republicans out there will just de-select themselves as my clients. There’s a well-known saying here, “Lucky you live in Hawaii” and it couldn’t be more true in this instance. I doubt that my announcement will affect my income by one cent.

My voice is tiny (and effeminate), but at least it’s bold!

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  1. Barbara

    December 19, 2019 9:34 pm Reply

    Courageously and clearly stated. Thank you for sharing your truth and for not wanting “to further goals of discrimination against women, gays and people of color.”

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