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I’m in a Recently Published Book

I’m in a Recently Published Book

Photo of the book "Who Gets to Go Back-to-the-Land?" by Valerie Padilla Caroll
A photo of the hardcover book “Who Gets to Go Back-to-the-Land” by Valerie Padilla Caroll. The author came across some of my correspondence with Helen and Scott Nearing; I had requested the Nearings’ help to get “The Mother Earth News” to accept letters from gay homesteaders like myself.

Who Gets to Go Back-to-the-Land? by Valerie Padilla Carroll came out in December 2022 from the University of Nebraska Press. The subtitle is Gender and Race in U.S. Self-Sufficiency Popular Culture, and I was interviewed for book. In 1981, I had written Helen & Scott Nearing (authors of Living the Good Life) asking if they would try to influence the magazine “The Mother Earth News” to accept contact letters from gay homesteaders. The Nearings wrote a column for the magazine, and Carroll came across my old letter in their archives as she was researching her book. Carroll sent me scans of my four-page letter and I posted them on Facebook a couple of years ago.

One page of that letter is reproduced in Carroll’s book as well as a photo of me taken in the early 80s. The photo was one of several taken by my old friend, the Huntsville, Alabama, photographer Roy Simmons in the passive solar underground house that I built (with help from friends) in Hotrock, Tennessee.

Interior spread from "Who Gets to Go Back-to-the-Land" by Valerie Padilla Caroll, featuring photo of Clear Englebert and a handwritten letter by Englebert
This is the two-page spread in Caroll’s new book with the portrait photo and a photo of the letter I wrote to the Nearings.
Photo of the index from "Who Gets to Go Back-to-the-Land" by Valerie Padilla Caroll, featuring Clear Englebert
Regular readers of this blog know how much I LOVE indexes. Here I am listed in the index of “Who Gets to Go Back-to-the-Land.”

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