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My Feng Shui Talks Begin Again (I trust fresh air!)

My Feng Shui Talks Begin Again (I trust fresh air!)

Kailua-Kona Public Library. (Photo credit: Friends of the Library, Kona)

I’m resuming speaking at libraries and bookstores on Hawaii Island, starting with the Kailua-Kona Library on Saturday, June 10. The event will be on their makai lanai with lots of fresh air blowing in from the Pacific Ocean.

This library wins the prize for having the most open air, sheltered space in the whole state, as far as public library events are concerned. That library building is a terrific example of midcentury modern architecture at its most practical, and using (what are now seen as) iconic details like golden mahogany. The top railing along the open sides of their outdoor event area is laminated golden mahogany planks.

The beautiful mahogany rail at the Kailua-Kona Public Library (Photo credit: Friends of the Library, Kona)
Basically Books storefront and team (Photo credit: Basically Books)

The next talk will be a week later (Saturday, June 17) at Basically Books in Hilo. Their new location on Kilauea Avenue has a large covered area in the back which is completely open on one side. Hilo has plenty of breezes and the air in that sheltered area is quite fresh—just the way I like it! My last talk at Basically Books was amazingly well attended and Christine Reed videoed it and it’s on Basically Books’s Facebook Page. It took place in a room with no fresh air circulation at all. I’m so glad they’ve got they’ve got their new space. It’s directly across from Ben Franklin and Shiigi Drugs (which wins the prize as my favorite drugstore on the this island. It’s an excellent local store, and I can’t resist an opportunity to recommend them.)

Both talks will be at 2:00pm and the topic will be Feng Shui for Real Estate. It will be of interest to anyone who is moving, even if they are a renter. It will also address the concerns of those who are selling property as well as anyone involved in real estate transactions. Copies of my my latest book, Feng Shui for Real Estate, as well as my other three books published by Watermark will be for sale at both events.

Three years ago is when I stopped all public speaking engagements. One had been scheduled at the Kailua-Kona Library for April, 2020 and another talk was scheduled in Hilo a little later. The Hilo Library canceled first and then the Kailua-Kona Library. And since I awarded the Kailua-Kona library the “open air” prize, I’d like to award the Hilo Library (which is another great example of midcentury modern architecture) the prize of being runner-up—their event area is totally open one one side. But that one side is in an open courtyard with building surrounding it. I’ve spoken there quite a few times and the air is almost still—fresh, but still. At the Basically Books event area, the breezes blow much more freely.

Having sheltered locations that are open to the air is exactly what it takes to get me back “on the road again”. I don’t consider COVID to be over—it’s just where it is, as a much less severe problem than it was it was three years ago. I’m now 71 and I continue to take it seriously. There aren’t many venues that I would consider speaking at right now, but I’m comfortable with these two locations and invite you to join us. If you can’t be there in person, Christine might again video the talk at her store. I love live in-person audiences and the audience participation was remarkable at that event. There was so much energy in that (tight) little room! I recommend that video.

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