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Feng Shui & New Rugs That Look Old

I’ve been going to more and more of my clients’ homes and seeing rugs that are obviously new but are designed to look old and faded. Furniture and furnishings that are new but has a “distressed” look has very bad... Read More

Feng Shui & Drapes (and Rugs & Spreads)

Most windows look their best with drapes—and they feel their best when the drapes are 100% natural fiber. The feng shui message of synthetic fibers is “fake” and that’s very...... Read More

Feng Shui to Sell Your Home – Part 2: Energy Flow

Here is Part Two of my blog series on feng shui and home selling. This post will address energy flow, specifically the problem of it stagnating, moving too quickly or...... Read More

VIDEO – Feng Shui with Clear Englebert: Stripes and Conflict

The final video in my series filmed at Highline Kitchen Systems is not kitchen-focused, but I felt I should take advantage of the fantastic rugs that were on display in...... Read More