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Feng Shui and Mr. Wrong

It happened again. A client called me in tears because she found out that her live-in boyfriend had recently gotten another woman pregnant. She thought something was wrong with the home that she recently bought and moved into.... Read More

Feng Shui & Getting Rid of Stuff

There’s a huge amount of ambivalence that goes with getting rid of stuff. I want to get rid of stuff, and then again I don’t. The idea is attractive, but...... Read More

Feng Shui & the Economy

Businesses and services that people don’t see as essential are prone to do poorly during economic downturns. If that’s your situation, my advice is to prepare for a worst-case scenario....... Read More

A Feng Shui Relationship Success Story

I recently spoke with a very dear old friend, and he was excited to share his feng shui success story. He’s been single for the last few years and felt...... Read More

Feng Shui & Personal Memorials

When my mom, Merle, died in June, I wrote an article dedicated to her. I also put her picture on our home altar to honor her.  (See the end of...... Read More