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To Hilo, With Love

To Hilo, With Love

A view of downtown Hilo. Photo by Wade Morales from the Hilo Downtown Improvement Association website.

I always enjoy a visit to lovely Hilo on the other side of the island, but this most recent trip was extra special for the rewarding (and romantic!) feedback I received.

I was called to Hilo this month for a feng shui consultation. I had been to the client’s home before, so my visit was mostly selecting wall colors and fine-tuning some object placement. My preferred way of enhancing a Relationship Corner is by using objects a client already owns and likes. I suggested moving two Balinese masks from being together on the same wall to being on adjacent walls in a corner. That way, the two faces looked more at each other. This was the email I received the next morning:

“Your visit helped me to feel good!

I did not plan it, but when I put the two masks in the corner, the male is slightly higher than the female and seems to be LOOKING RIGHT AT HER ADORINGLY!

Every time I look there, I feel like it is just around the corner that someone will look at me like that.  When I woke up and saw the masks like that first thing this morning it was an amazing feeling of upliftment and is continuing to have this effect on me.”

While I was in the area, I wanted to take care of a few errands in town. For most of the state’s history, Hilo was the second largest city in the state. Downtown Hilo is ultra charming—it’s small, but packed with nice authentic vintage architecture, including fabulous Charles Dickey buildings. My errands in Hilo took me to all three of the downtown bookstores: Basically Books, Still Life Books, and Big Island BookBuyers. Even in Honolulu, you won’t find as many nice bookstores so close together in easy walking distance.

Basically Books interior

A view of Basically Books’ store interior. They stock many local books and are very supportive of local authors and publishers.

When I was in Basically Books, one of the customers came up to me and asked, “Are you Clear?” I replied, “Yes” and she said, “I took your class in Volcano [at Volcano Garden Arts] a couple of years ago, and I’d like to tell you what happened.” I said, “I’m all ears.” She said she had gone home and put two roses in the Relationship Corner of her bedroom. Two weeks later, her boyfriend proposed to her. She had known the guy for twenty years. Numerology is not a part of my practice, but I do notice when there is good symbolism in numbers—two roses, two weeks, twenty years.

Even though I don’t usually recommend roses in a Relationship Corner (because of their thorns), the arrangement looked romantic to her—and that’s the point (pun intended). It’s been my repeated experience that when the enhancements are very personally meaningful, the result is more profound.



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