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Inspirational quote spelled out in letter tiles: All You Need Is Less
Remove obstacles — including clutter — from your home to help achieve your goals. Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

Goal achievement is one of the main reasons to practice feng shui. Sometimes a goal can seem impossible to actually achieve, but with positive feng shui in your home you might be very surprised by what can actually come about. And it might take a while, depending on circumstances that might need to fall into place. Hang in there—and eliminate symbols of obstacles from your home.

What brings this to mind is a thank you card I got in the mail recently. I had consulted for the client several times over a ten-year period. Her biggest woe from the beginning was her troubled relationship with her only child. (An important thing to remember is that anytime a relationship with a child is troubled, don’t just enhance the Children/Creativity Area—also work on the Relationship Corner.) My client’s son had just come for a visit, the first one after many years of estrangement. “His visit was better than I could have imagined. He was loving and thoughtful with me.” That’s what she wrote after expressing her gratitude for my support over the years.

Unsolicited notes like that are why I continue to practice feng shui. In my new book, Feng Shui for Real Estate (coming later this summer from Watermark Publishing), there’s a section for agents as well as sections for buyers and sellers. In the agent’s section there’s advice for achievement. I note at the beginning of that section that the advice is also for buyers and sellers—and in fact it’s for anyone. We all have goals to achieve. I start my advice with suggesting that bare glass edges be eliminated from the home, and I end the advice with my suggestions for making de-cluttering as painless as possible. While you wait for the book to be published this summer, you can start your decluttering by reading some of my past blog posts on decluttering: here, here, and from just a couple weeks ago, here.

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