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Feng Shui and Mr. Wrong

It happened again. A client called me in tears because she found out that her live-in boyfriend had recently gotten another woman pregnant. She thought something was wrong with the home that she recently bought and moved into.... Read More

Feng Shui & Achievement

Goal achievement is one of the main reasons to practice feng shui. Sometimes a goal can seem impossible to actually achieve, but with positive feng shui in your home you...... Read More

How Feng Shui Works

Sometimes feng shui works quickly. A little over a month ago I was called to the house of a single woman. Her main focus for the consultation was her career,...... Read More

Feng Shui and Bad Guests

May this never happen to you. It just happened to us—someone overstayed their welcome as our guest (by every day they were here). So I sage smudged like crazy yesterday...... Read More

A Feng Shui Relationship Success Story

I recently spoke with a very dear old friend, and he was excited to share his feng shui success story. He’s been single for the last few years and felt...... Read More