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Feng Shui & Achievement

Goal achievement is one of the main reasons to practice feng shui. Sometimes a goal can seem impossible to actually achieve, but with positive feng shui in your home you...... Read More

Feng Shui & Getting Rid of Stuff

There’s a huge amount of ambivalence that goes with getting rid of stuff. I want to get rid of stuff, and then again I don’t. The idea is attractive, but...... Read More

The Psychology & Physiology of Clutter

When two different people send me the same New York Times article, I figure I better read it. This one’s on clutter, and it reports the results of several scientific...... Read More

Clutter & Sanity

I had a client who was perpetually overwhelmed. His phrase for it was “Everything, everything.” I’ve said before that every object in your home has a voice, and clutter speaks,...... Read More

Feng Shui & Clutter (Especially Book Clutter)

Marie Kondo is well known and deserves to be. Her books on decluttering are quite influential in many people’s lives. The author of this recent article in Fast Company has...... Read More