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Feng Shui & Children’s Education

Feng Shui & Children’s Education

Wouldn’t you love to lie back and see this above you? (Photo by Felipe López on Unsplash)

“Mommy, can I go play outside?” When I heard those words coming from a young girl’s mouth, I shook the mother’s hand and said, “You’ve raised your child right!” Children should want to go outside. Playing under trees (and in trees, if they are the right trees and the right children) is natural for children, and feng shui is a natural art.

Children learn just by being curious in nature. They are also able to use their whole bodies. Childhood comes but once—put nature in your children’s childhood and in their education. Here’s what Henry Thoreau said when he was 34: “No experience which I have today comes up to, or is comparable with, the experiences of a previous state of existence….My life was ecstasy. In youth…I can remember that I was all alive, and inhabited my body with inexpressible satisfaction.” Now, isn’t that a nice thing to be able to say about one’s childhood? I wish that for all children.

I’ve known people to paint cloud murals on the ceiling of rooms, especially children’s rooms, and I have a feeling that including trees (viewed from below, looking up) in the murals would enhance them. What if you looked up and saw leaves, and limbs, as well as clouds? You’d probably feel good, and if you already felt good, you’d probably feel better. So says a new study, as reported in this article.

Trees and nature are great feng shui. I’ve previously written about trees here on the blog.

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