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Feng Shui & Debt

Feng Shui & Debt

“If you can’t pay for something, you can’t afford it. Don’t buy it.” My father said that, and my husband and I both live by it. Not everyone does, however, and I recently had a client email me saying they needed to come up with $18,000 in three days in order to keep their second car. There are only two things that are worth going into debt for: your home and your car. They are both high-ticket items and unscrupulous lenders will let you accumulate more debt than you can handle—so buyer beware—and be very aware of what you can truly afford.

That’s really the best I can offer for someone who has accumulated more debt than they can repay. Feng shui is not a miracle cure! I told my client to put a working fountain in the Wealth Corner, but that I certainly couldn’t make any guarantees.

Think of your life as a pie and the sections of the pie are things like your karma, how you’ve treated people, your education, what kinds of friends you’ve made, and what kinds of decisions you’ve made. Feng shui is a piece of that pie, but it’s only a piece. It’s the piece that has to do with how you arrange the physical objects that you control on planet Earth. It’s your way of saying to the Universe, “I’d like my life to be like this—or this…” Feng shui is not the whole picture—it’s an important part of the whole, but it’s not the whole.

I think one of the smartest things a person can do is to partner up with a person who shares their same financial values. That will give you somebody you can trust when you need to make big financial decisions. Finding a good person to live with and having an adequate income are two of the biggest things in life, and because of that I wrote Feng Shui for Love & Money. But also go back and read the the first sentence of this article—it’s an easy one to memorize.

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  1. Lynn Forrest

    August 16, 2019 2:30 am Reply

    Thanks Clear.
    Good reminder that life is about balance. I have a fountain at the front door in the Life Path area, but will set up a second in the Abundance area.

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