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Feng Shui & Colored Lighting

Beautiful, natural light through sheer curtains. Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash

Feng shui is a natural art—taking nature as the guide. Therefore, colored lighting of any kind is cautioned against in feng shui. Colored light bulbs are to be avoided inside homes. This includes strings of small lights—if those lights are colored. Christmas is an exception to that—but keep the use of colored lights to less than one month. For indoor strings of Christmas lights (or any colored lights for special events, such as parties) try to let their use be for a maximum of three weeks at a time. Clear strings of lights can be used anytime, year round. Don’t ever use blinking lights in homes. Blinking lights are too yang for homes and should only be used (carefully) in retail stores.

During the day, colored sheer curtains can tint the light coming into a room. If the sheers are going to be drawn together covering the window during the daylight, use white sheers, not colored sheers. Only use colored sheers if they are going to be open during the day. At that point, I figure, why bother—just use white sheers in the first place.

Remember that we are talking about using natural things: Use natural-colored lighting, and curtains made of natural fibers. They are commonly available, but don’t use sheers made of synthetic fabric. The fabric is delicate and hung in the window, light can slowly destroy it. Meanwhile, tiny pieces of plastic (POPs) are drifting off into the air you’re breathing…

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