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You can greatly enrich your experience of life by learning from your dreams. To learn from your dreams, you first have to remember them when you are awake. While you are trying to remember a dream, don’t change your position from the one you were in while you were having the dream. If you switch to a different bodily position, you’ll almost always lose some of you memories of that dream. As soon as you start to wake up, remind youself not to change physical positions. If you need to grab a handy notepad or audio recorder (a cell phone, these days) then do so, but quickly come back to the  position you were in while sleeping, and then start taking notes of your memories in as much detail as you can possibly remember.

Poison arrows can be unintentionally aimed right at us due to the way we position our furniture.

To really learn from your dreams, start with a really good dream “dictionary”. The best one I know of is contained within a book with a very simple title: The Dream Book by Betty Bethards. She stresses the importance of remembering the details. Did you turn right or left? Were you going uphill or downhill? Remembering details such as that are crucial to understanding the meaning of a dream.

Also, avoid poison arrows aimed at your body while you are in bed. (This video of one of my furniture store talks discusses that exact issue at about the 1-minute point.) That should be common sense, and I will personally testify that poison arrows can cause severely disturbed sleep. I love vintage furniture and recommend it because it rarely has poison arrows.


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