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Feng Shui for Real Estate Webinars

Feng Shui for Real Estate Webinars

At my publisher’s suggestion, I am exploring conducting webinars in place of in-person seminars. In February, I will offer three webinars based on my newest book, Feng Shui for Real Estate.

The first one is buyer-focused, but it isn’t just for people who are looking to buy a home—it’s for anyone who is moving, including renters. That’s exactly the best time to use feng shui advice—before you move. Then you’ll have a huge advantage by selecting a home that will support your life and goals. Why get a home with a bunch of feng shui problems when you don’t have to? The webinar will explain what to avoid as well as what features are advantageous, or how to correct any issues you might come across in a property that’s otherwise perfect for you. This webinar will be the longest, running about 90 minutes, plus time for questions, and will stream live on Thursday, February 17, at 11:00 a.m., Hawaii time.

The second webinar is for people who are selling property, both homeowners and agents. It will explain the logic of “feng shui staging” so the property can sell for more money while also selling quickly. A seller’s agent once told me, “When the client follows your advice, the place sells within a half a day to a week. When they don’t, it continues to sit on the market.” In this session, I will discuss the interior and exterior as well as commercial property and raw land. This will be a 45-minute session, with time for questions, streaming live on Tuesday, February 22, at 11:00 a.m., Hawaii time.

The third webinar is for real estate professionals, but honestly will be useful for anyone in any profession who wants to improve their prospects—consider it a crash course in feng shui. It will deal with offices, both at home and away from home, as well as other important rooms, such as your bedroom. Empowerment and achievement will be emphasized, and I will also cover the bagua areas for prosperity, career, harmony, and reputation. This session is about 45 minutes, with time for questions, streaming live on Thursday, February 24, 11:00 a.m., Hawaii time.

The cost will be $15 for the buyers’ webinar and $10 each for the sellers’ and agents’ sessions. These seminars won’t cover all the information contained in Feng Shui for Real Estate, I don’t have time to cover all the many, many situations and solutions I include in the book, but you’ll be able to ask questions (something you can’t do with a book). Another wonderful thing about these webinars is that if you cannot attend the live stream, you can watch it later at your convenience—and you can watch it as many times as you like. You can also ask your questions in advance so that even if you aren’t watching live, we’ll be able to see your question. (Use the “Ask a Question” module on the webinar page once you’ve registered.) And if you are only discovering this post after the webinar dates, you can still purchase access and watch the replay immediately.

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