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Feng Shui & Pot Fillers

Feng Shui & Pot Fillers

water running from a kitchen sink faucet
Water from a faucet should be able to go right down a drain. Faucets over stoves are a horrible idea! (Photo by Imani on Unsplash)

The first time I saw a “pot filler” in a client’s home, I was speechless. I knew I was looking at a feng shui nightmare, and I also knew that I would not be able to come up with a “cure.” So when an Oahu client recently told me that she was planning to have a pot filler in the kitchen of her new house, I just simply told her not to do do it. I had already discussed the possibility of the elements of Fire & Water clashing in a kitchen with regards to the major appliances. So she knew to ask me about the pot filler even though it wasn’t indicated on the plans she’d sent me.

A pot filler is a faucet directly over the stove top. It’s for filling large containers with water—such as when making scads of pasta. Well, just do what humanity has done for centuries—put the water in a separate container, go to the stove, then pour the water in the container that you’ll be heating. Repeat that as many times as is necessary to get the desired amount of water in the container. It’s not that hard! (This is not an endorsement of this particular company, but this article on “Reasons Not to Include a Pot Filler in Your New Kitchen Design” is quite sensible.)

A faucet directly over a stove portends arguments and heartbreak and very possibly financial problems. And there’s no cure for it! A red dot is not going to fix it.

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