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Feng Shui, Pregnancy, and Abortion

Feng Shui, Pregnancy, and Abortion

Two of my books have discussed pregnancy—my first book and my latest book. Feng Shui Demystified had a section on feng shui tips for attaining pregnancy and Feng Shui for Real Estate has a section on how pregnancy can affect the sale of property. I’m not really pro-pregnancy and I am pro-abortion—not just pro-abortion-rights, but truly pro-abortion. This poor planet is much too overpopulated by people, and abortion is (sadly) a better option for population reduction that random mass murders or organized mass military invasions.

The feng shui view of pregnancy is pretty much the standard Eastern view—that the child becomes an autonomous being when it takes its first breath, and until that point it is part of the woman’s body. A man’s control over pregnancy is considered to end when the sperm leaves his body. In other words, it’s an issue that should be left up to those whose bodies are actually concerned—women.

As a footnote, I’d like to reiterate something I said in an earlier blog post (Dec. 19, 2019). I will not work for Republicans. If I could say that any louder, I would! I feel sure that after they eliminate reproductive rights, they’ll take aim at gay marriage.

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