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Feng Shui with Phones and Answering Machines

Feng Shui with Phones and Answering Machines

Feng shui is concerned with how energy finds you—that’s why front doors are emphasized. Things that happen first or early on have much more power than things that happen later on. People are a kind of energy, and these days people often find each other via the telephone. So your answering machine (or voice mail) message is very important. It must never be a generic message that comes with the phone and just tells the telephone number. You should always use your own voice and say your name early on. Don’t have a long or quirky message—keep it simple, brief, and pleasant. Smile when you’re recording your greeting. That smile is actually heard by the caller.

I once called someone and before the answering machine delivered its message there was a long interlude of instrumental music. That kind of message is disrespectful because it wastes the caller’s time. I hung up and moved on with my day, and that was an indication that energy was missing the person.

Also, when you call someone who may not have an answering device (or a device that’s set for less than ten rings), allow the phone to ring ten times before hanging up. Not everyone is close to the telephone all the time and if you hang up just as they have managed to pick up the receiver, you have directed some harsh energy your way because their ill will is a form of harsh energy. It’s bad feng shui to let impatience get in the way of politeness. You will have set yourself on a path that makes it more difficult for good energy to find you.

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