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Feng Shui When Pregnant

Feng Shui When Pregnant

Just this week, a woman called me from New England to tell me a feng shui success story. She used to live on Hawaii Island, and I consulted for her and her husband several times. The last communication we had was when she was pregnant (about a year ago) with her second child. They wanted to sell their home so they could move and be closer to their parents in North America. The home was in a good location, but it just would not sell, sometimes because buyers couldn’t get the financing. I advised her to wait and have the baby in Hawaii where it was conceived. I told her I had a feeling that the baby wanted to be born in Hawaii. Two weeks after the baby was born, the house sold with cash payment. Later, I called my 92-year-old mother in Alabama and she said it made sense to her. “The lady could have had a miscarriage,” she said. I hadn’t thought about that, but there is a feng shui caution about moving while pregnant. It’s thought to instill “gypsy blood” in a person if their mother moves (especially long-distance moves) while pregnant—meaning, the person will likely find it difficult to settle down in one place for long. I mentioned this to my client and said, “Maybe this baby’s angels don’t want that kind of unsettled life for their future.”

I personally had an extremely hard time settling down. When I was writing my first book, I asked my mother whether she and my father moved around while she was pregnant with me. She started naming the towns and states and I said, “No wonder I’ve been such a wanderer!”

Early in my career as a feng shui consultant, there was an incident that alerted me to unusual occurrences about moving and pregnancy. A couple in Marin County called me to consult for the home they were hoping to sell, but that so far wasn’t selling. The consultation went well, and I recommended several items for them to acquire. That night, the woman had a profound and wonderful dream, and the next day they felt very excited to do their shopping and put the cures in place. Off they went to the stores, and when they got back home a couple was standing in front of their house holding the real estate brochure. They introduced themselves, and shortly thereafter the new couple agreed to buy the house. (The first couple was able to drive directly back to the stores and return all the items.) In this case, the people were not moving very far away, and I’m guessing that the baby’s angels were helping to speed the move along so the new parents could feel settled in their home by the time the baby arrived.

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