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Fire Under Water in the Home—The Feng Shui Perspective on Three Interior Features to Avoid 

Fire Under Water in the Home—The Feng Shui Perspective on Three Interior Features to Avoid 

Flickr - USCapitol - Bartholdi Fountain

Public outdoor fountains often light from beneath the water. The effect may be spectacular, but it symbolizes conflict and an unstable situation between fire and water. The lights at the top of this fountain which cast light down onto the water are fine. Photo: Bartholodi Fountain by Architect of the Capitol, via Wikimedia Commons

The element fire (and any object symbolizing fire) is in conflict with the element water, if they are next to each other or in close proximity. A circumstance where fire is under water is especially troublesome because water puts out fire. Here are three such circumstances that can happen within a home:

  • A water feature, such as a fountain, in which the light bulb is below the water. I emphasize this problem on page 90 of Feng Shui for Love & Money. Don’t buy this kind of fountain, and if you’ve already got one, don’t turn on the light. It’s fine to have a fountain with a light shining on the water—that’s like the sun shining on the ocean—very natural.
  • Waterfall pictures that you plug in and turn on and the water lights up and it’s supposed to look like the water is moving. Not only are these dreadful feng shui, but they radiate tackiness—yes, I really said that! (I can’t bear to look at them, but if you really must see one for yourself, here is a link to a video.)
  • Spigots over stove tops to fill pots with water for cooking. This problem is not as easily fixed as discarding a tacky picture. If possible, have the spigot removed. However, most people who have this (feng shui nightmare) in their home are loathe to have it removed. If that’s the case, put a tiny, discreet dot of red paint or nail polish (probably on the underside of the spigot so it won’t be visually obvious) and say out loud something like, “The red symbolizes a complete change—there is no longer a fire over water situation at this stove—the spigot is gone.”

I live in on an island where red-hot lava flows into the ocean, and sometimes under the ocean. It’s well known among people who live here that these are situations to be wary of—they can be very explosive. Don’t bring that vibration of conflict and wariness into your home.

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