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Feng Shui & Candles

I’ve lived large chucks of my life without electricity. Our bedroom is a separate structure from the rest of our house, and we deliberately didn’t put any electrical wiring in...... Read More

Fire Under Water in the Home—The Feng Shui Perspective on Three Interior Features to Avoid 

The element fire (and any object symbolizing fire) is in conflict with the element water, if they are next to each other or in close proximity. A circumstance where fire is under water is...... Read More

Feng Shui in the Kitchen: Reducing Conflict

This blog post addresses and expands on the information in my video series on feng shui for the kitchen. In the videos, I talk about reducing conflict and increasing harmony...... Read More

VIDEO – Feng Shui with Clear Englebert: Conflict in the Kitchen

On my last trip to Oahu, I filmed a few short videos that focus on reducing conflict and increasing harmony in the home, specifically referencing situations that come in up...... Read More