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My Feng Shui Talks Begin Again (I trust fresh air!)

I’m resuming speaking at libraries and bookstores on Hawaii Island, starting with the Kailua-Kona Library on Saturday, June 10. The event will be on their makai lanai with lots of...... Read More

November 2019 Feng Shui Classes

I don’t teach “beginner” classes and I don’t teach “advanced” classes. I put forth what I know and if someone doesn’t understand it, they raise their hand. I was in...... Read More

My Feng Shui Consulting Rates

One of the unique things about my feng shui rates is that I publicize them—I always have. I started at $20 per hour in San Francisco and $25 outside of...... Read More

Feng Shui Apprenticeship

I have my first apprentice! Someone in California asked me nicely and I said, “Yes.” She had felt immediate results from following my suggestions via a telephone consultation. So far,...... Read More

Tips for Professional Feng Shui Consultants

On April 21 I’ll be teaching a class called “Tips for Professional Feng Shui Consultants.” The topics for this class are: Training, Publicity, Preparation, Consultations, Clients, Ethics, Taxes & Records....... Read More