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Feng Shui & Crystal Fan Pulls

A client in Arizona emailed me recently about installing a crystal fan pull from the ceiling fan over his bed. He had asked me earlier if he should move his...... Read More

Feng Shui and Crystals (Part 2: Shapes)

Crystals work in a fairly obvious way. As they move, light glints off of their facets, and they can make rainbows. The more attention-getting, the more effective. Large is often...... Read More

Feng Shui and Crystals (Part 1: Tints and Colors)

My best consultations are those in which I am invited to consult again after the changes I’ve suggested have been implemented. Then I can see if the changes were done...... Read More

VIDEO – Feng Shui with Clear Englebert: Conflict in the Kitchen

On my last trip to Oahu, I filmed a few short videos that focus on reducing conflict and increasing harmony in the home, specifically referencing situations that come in up...... Read More