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Feng Shui & Big Tall Buildings, Part 2

This is one of the newer buildings in Honolulu. It’s the Waiea building in Kakaako. And it’s one of the few buildings that I’ve seen that says water as much...... Read More

Big Tall Buildings: A Feng Shui View

I occasionally offer feng shui walks of downtown Honolulu. In the walks, I discuss (mostly) the relationships of the buildings to each other—are they making poison arrows at neighboring buildings....... Read More

Feng Shui & Floor Patterns

Floor patterns are important because things that are below us represent that which is fundamental. As a general rule, floor patterns should be subdued. Floor patterns that are visually arresting...... Read More

VIDEO – Feng Shui with Clear Englebert: Conflict in the Kitchen

On my last trip to Oahu, I filmed a few short videos that focus on reducing conflict and increasing harmony in the home, specifically referencing situations that come in up...... Read More

Money Corner and Money-Associated Plants for Feng Shui

Wood is the element for the Wealth Corner, and the best way to represent wood is with growing plants. Plants with stiff, pokey leaves are to be avoided; rounded-leaf plants...... Read More