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A Feng Shui Relationship Success Story

Kunstige Orkideer

When selecting flowers, choose blooms that are not known for having thorns. The symbology of having thorns in your relationship corner should be fairly obvious! Orchids, like these, peonies (like my friend chose), or lotus blossoms (such as I used) are good, thorn-free options. Photo by Flowerfactory, via Wikimedia Commons.

I recently spoke with a very dear old friend, and he was excited to share his feng shui success story. He’s been single for the last few years and felt ready for a new relationship, but all his close women friends were obviously going to remain just friends. Then he read my latest book, Feng Shui for Love & Money, and here’s what happened.

He went to a store with a very liberal returns policy and bought a bunch of (rather expensive) peach-colored, silk peony flowers and put them in the Relationship Corner of his room. They weren’t really his style, but he was willing to give feng shui a chance. About a month later he was to conduct a workshop, but at the very last minute the venue had to cancel on him. Someone who was with him at the time said that they knew of a woman who had an appropriate space on her farm. So that’s where the workshop happened and the farm owner is now his new love. He took advantage of the store’s returns policy and returned the flowers. (There’s an old saying, “Once you’ve caught the bus, you can stop running.”) Peach (or coral) colored items are only useful for single people in feng shui, because they say, “I’m in between—I’m available.” Peach being a color that’s between pink (the color of love) and yellow (the color of happiness).

In my experience, that’s how feng shui works—in very unexpected ways. There’s no way he would have met this woman if the original venue had worked out. I consider feng shui to be a way of using your physical space to signal to your angels about how you would like your life to be.

And one more thing—don’t expect Mr. or Ms. Right to come knocking on your door. You’ve got to get out in the world so and the right person can actually meet you. I met my husband at the ocean—on Memorial Day. He had the day off and I did too. We both love nature so that’s where we headed to. A few months before, I had put pink silk lotus flowers in the Relationship Corner of my apartment. Next year we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary.

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