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November 2019 Feng Shui Classes

November 2019 Feng Shui Classes

I don’t teach “beginner” classes and I don’t teach “advanced” classes. I put forth what I know and if someone doesn’t understand it, they raise their hand. I was in line at the bank yesterday, and someone said “Hi” to me, and it was our local librarian. She asked me if I would give a talk next month and I couldn’t say no—so I said “Yes.” And so, on November 20 (2019) I’ll be talking about “Basic Feng Shui” at the Kealakekua Library. That’s also going to be my topic when I visit Oahu this winter to give talks. I don’t consider the word “basic” (in that sense) to be the same as “beginner” or “introductory”, although the talks will fulfill that. I think of it more as an opportunity to iron out some of the complexities of feng shui.

On November 9, I’ll be teaching a class on Oahu on “Feng Shui for Real Estate.” And if it is well attended—I’ll repeat it. Click on the flyer image to the right to see more information and how to register.

I’m also starting up some online classes via Skype. They’ll be a series: Interior Chi Energy Flow, Poison Arrows, Empowered Positions, Exterior Chi Flow, and two classes on The Bagua. These two-hour classes are $50 per class, and my wonderful apprentice is handling the arrangements. The online classes are always small because several people have to figure a day and time that works for everybody—and then I make it work for me.

The first 2020 classes I’ll be teaching will be “Basic Feng Shui” at Oahu libraries on January 29, 30, & 31 and February 1. I’ll post the details on my website as I know them.

People like my classes because I really put myself into them. When I talk about chi energy stagnating when it enters a cluttered room, I collapse onto the floor. Some people find that shocking, but they also tell me later that they really “got it”. When I talk about empowered positions, I start out with my back to people and then in one big jump, I whirl around to face them. It illustrates that you either see what’s coming at you or you don’t.

So, wherever you live, if you’re interested in my classes, please check my website for updated information, and if you’re interested in the online classes, please contact me directly: clear@fungshway.com.

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