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My Feng Shui Consulting Rates

My Feng Shui Consulting Rates

Conscious Life February 1998

One of the unique things about my feng shui rates is that I publicize them—I always have.

I started at $20 per hour in San Francisco and $25 outside of the city. Two years later I was at $35 and $45 per hour. That was just before my first book came out and then my rates went up rapidly. (The illustrations that accompany this article are a photo essay of my early ads in San Francisco in the late 1990s.)

San Francisco Frontlines February 1998

By the time I moved to Hawaii, with my husband, Steve, in 2002, my rate was at $150 per hour. I offered a special discount that the first hour was half-price if the client bought my books from a bookstore (a real bricks-and-mortar bookstore, not online) and had the receipt to prove it. A lot of my clients took advantage of the deal—the total cost of my first two books was $22, so it was a good deal. The local bookstores got more business and were more inclined to keep my books in stock.

Whole Life Expo program April 1998

I’m in my third decade of practicing feng shui professionally and my rate now is $180 per hour, prorated at $3 per minute. The rate is the same whether it’s an on-site consultation or done remotely by phone or email. I still offer a generous deal—if you buy two of my books, you get the first two hours of that consultation at half price, which is $90 per hour. The total cost of the two books is $43, and I’m deducting $180 from your bill—it’s a very good deal, but also very specific, and somewhat different if you live in Hawaii or if you live out of Hawaii. This deal only applies to my two books that have Hawaii in the title—Feng Shui for Hawaii and Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardensone copy of each book, and they must be purchased NEW, not from a used-book dealer.

In Hawaii, the books must be bought from a bricks-and-mortar bookstore—no other way.

Bay Area Naturally Spring Summer 2000

Outside of Hawaii, the books must be purchased directly from the publisher, Watermark Publishing—no other way, not Amazon. The deal does not apply to books bought at events such as library talks, workshops, etc. The purchase has to be made within 30 days prior to the consultation. The books must be there when the consultation happens, as well as their receipt, which I collect. If you have already bought the books more than 30 days before the consultation, then buy them again and give them as gifts. They are gifts you will be proud to give—well written, lots of color photos, and excellent production and design.

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