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Feng Shui & Exterior House Colors

I’ve previously discussed using the color red for the exterior of the front door. But what if red just won’t work in your situation? On a green house, red can...... Read More

Feng Shui and Back Doors

Back doors are rather essential in feng shui—they let energy circulate. Houses or apartments without a back door run the risk of having energy stagnate in the home. They benefit...... Read More

“My Husband Will Love You” — Feng Shui & Masculine Energy

“My husband will love you.” I’ve heard those exact words three times in my career. The first two times were when I suggested to wives that they reduce the number...... Read More

Feng Shui & Red Front Doors

The formal front door is the most important part of the exterior of your home. It’s the mouth of  chi energy—the place where energy enters your home. That’s the case...... Read More

Using Fountains Properly for Feng Shui

Water represents wealth in feng shui, and the connection between prosperity and water is why fountains are an important feng shui tool. (I live in Hawaii, and the similarity between...... Read More